Cruise with us, and find adventure as you witness the world through different eyes.

The HANSEATIC INSPIRATION is a newly built ship that starts service in October 2019.

Since its first “excursion” on the Augusta Victoria in 1891, we’ve been creating unforgettable journeys for those who travel with us, as they get up close to the wonders of nature. Our guests receive the best of our 125 years of experience and passion, enjoying attentive service and luxury on board our new expedition class.

Embark on an expedition to witness the wonders of nature that will leave a life-long impression on you.

This is no ordinary cruise to a remote region. Instead, the HANSEATIC INSPIRATION is a true expedition that employs its operator’s experience and passion. A wealth of knowledge shines through aboard our ship, from captain to on-board crew, from the team awaiting ashore, to expedition team leader.

The HANSEATIC INSPIRATION is decked with state-of-the-art equipment, to bring you upfront and close to the most incredible sights nature has to offer.

You will journey to new shores throughout this memorable trip, discovering regions inaccessible to any lesser vessel and crew. Sail safely through ice, and right to the heart of adventure.

Inspired by nature and driven by innovation, the HANSEATIC INSPIRATION satisfies your thirst for knowledge and desire for exploration — as you are treated like royalty.

Book now for an experience like no other. For more information, contact us.

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